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Your health is important to us

KB Occupational Health will provide services that meet the specific needs of your organisation, including health surveillance programmes to meet the identified hazards of your work activities and to support and advise you on employee health and or disability issues.

Our services are delivered on site for those elements that require it, such as hand arm vibration assessments, skin checks or other health surveillance programmes. If it meets your needs better, we also provide a remote service where the majority of the work is completed by telephone and email with structured visits organised to your site as your Occupational Health needs demand. This service negates the need for the Occupational Health Specialist to have 'space' allocated on a regular basis and will only require a room when the needs dictate. We find this service particularly cost effective for Sickness Absence Management.

KB - Occupational Health and Safety can support you with:

Health Surveillance / Screening

  • Fitness for work assessment including pre-placement assessments;
  • Health surveillance programmes;
  • Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS);
  • Noise (hearing test);
  • Respiratory assessments;
  • Skin assessments to identify sensitisers and irritants;
  • Night worker assessments, in respect of the Working Time Directive.

Managing employees attendance at work

  • Assistance with the management of sickness absence, including assessing the implications of ongoing health issues;
  • Workplace assessments; Display screen assessments; Potential risks for New and Expectant Mothers and Disability issues;
  • Supporting employees to return to work including rehabilitation programmes where appropriate;
  • Referral to an Occupational Health Physician, Occupational Psychologist or Physiotherapist when required.

Mental Health, Stress and General Wellbeing

  • Stress management training for managers, using the HSE Stress standards; read more at http://www.hse.gov.uk/stress/standards/
  • Stress management awareness for employees;
  • Stress Audits/ Reviews/Assessments;
  • Health promotion programmes;
  • General health assessments for employees to promote well being.

Company Support Programmes

  • Occupational Health needs assessments;
  • Management support and advice for health issues at work;
  • Health related policy development, e.g Drugs and Alcohol in the workplace, Stress at Work, New and Expectant Mothers, Health Surveillance.

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